Trading Signal Service

Our Equity Multiplier Pro trading signal service is better than any Expert Advisor. A good trading robot (or Expert Advisor) is actually an elementary foundation for long-term successful capital development on the Forex market. However, you have to continuously take care of the operation, selection, optimization and technical maintenance of these trading robots. With our trading signal service you save yourself this effort and risk. We have put together an optimally coordinated selection of over 10 trading robots for you, and have perfected their setup in hundreds of hours of backtesting and live testing.

The result is a trading signal that uses the opportunity for positive development in all market phases with a conservative risk profile.

Characteristics & strategy of the trading signal

Equity Multiplier Pro is a trading signal for people who trade professionally and are looking for a signal that is permanently and constantly focused on the positive development of equity. A signal that will accompany you conservatively and reliably in your wealth accumulation over many decades. Equity growth is the only thing that matters. We forego huge profits in a short period of time, but we also do not accept large drops in equity (equity drawdown).

Recommended from account sizes of 10,000 €. Small lot sizes are traded in 29 currency pairs.

Specialty: Up to 200 open trades at the same time for maximum diversification of risk and market phase.

Please make sure you are using a good broker (Tickmill UK best) and a fast VPS with short latency to the Signal’s trading server (UK London) before subscribing. If only the signal is subscribed and no own EAs are operated, the VPS service from can be used. Otherwise we recommend the VPS from UltraFX.

Subscribe to Equity Multiplier Pro

The Trading Signal can be subscribed to at low monthly prices from the following providers.