Here you will find all backtest data of the Expert Advisor (EA) Genie (Link to from Rohi Finish. Max-Performance-Indicator: 283,40 (EURUSD)

Description & Rating

Description of the developer

The EA logic based on 10 different Oversold/Overbought indicators. The main idea of the EA is to trying find a reversal points on the chart based on the oversold/overbought indication from the indicators. The EA wasn’t optimized at all in order to avoid curve fitting , which means it suppose to work in almost all market conditions even if the market is changing fast, as you can see it in the 99% backtest , almost 10 years without blowing up the account, and with a reasonable DD.

Price: 499 $ (05.11.2019)

Rating of


Backtests of EA Genie

Expert AdvisorInstrumentStartEndTimeframePerformanceBacktestEA-Info
SenseiEURUSD01.01.201418.05.2020M5134.86ResultsEA Infos
CAP Channel Trading EAEURUSD01.01.201703.03.2020H40ResultsEA Infos
Extreme Moving AverageUSDCAD01.01.201618.05.2020M15128.18ResultsEA Infos
Extreme Moving AverageGBPUSD01.01.201618.05.2020M15114.27ResultsEA Infos
Extreme Moving AverageEURUSD01.01.201618.05.2020M1589.23ResultsEA Infos
Asmani ProEURUSD2015010220191101M15300.19ResultsEA Infos
Asmani ProUSDCAD2015010220191101M15337.75ResultsEA Infos
EA SapphireEURUSD2016010420191101H1286.43ResultsEA Infos
EA SapphireUSDJPY04.01.201601.11.2019H1162.32ResultsEA Infos
Gap and TrailEURUSD2015010220191101H1259.49ResultsEA Infos
GenieEURUSD2010010120191029M15283.40ResultsEA Infos
PipesGainEURUSD2015010220191101M15110.02ResultsEA Infos
YellowEURUSD2015010220191029H1127.64ResultsEA Infos
YellowUSDJPY02.01.201529.10.2019H1114.11ResultsEA Infos