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Here you will find all backtesting results for Expert Advisor (EA) Asmani Pro (link to from Mangesh Chinchalkar.

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Asmani Pro is not based on Martingale or hedging or grid. These strategies can give you huge profit, but can also blow down your account in few minutes / hours. The option for martingale is given to user, but he is adviced to use it with proper Money Management. It is based on Trend Retracing strategy and also opens same lot size orders. Also, the orders are opened on M15 time frame with proper time gaps. Asmani Pro opens a basket of orders at same time. Normally the profit is booked in 1 or 2 or 3 trades only. Opening 4 or 5 trades at same time is rare.

Max-Performance-Indicator : 337,75 (USDCAD)

Price: 290 $ (03.11.2019)

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Backtests of EA Asmani Pro

Expert AdvisorInstrumentStartEndTimeframePerformanceBacktestEA-Info
SenseiEURUSD01.01.201418.05.2020M5134.86ResultsEA Infos
CAP Channel Trading EAEURUSD01.01.201703.03.2020H40ResultsEA Infos
Extreme Moving AverageUSDCAD01.01.201618.05.2020M15128.18ResultsEA Infos
Extreme Moving AverageGBPUSD01.01.201618.05.2020M15114.27ResultsEA Infos
Extreme Moving AverageEURUSD01.01.201618.05.2020M1589.23ResultsEA Infos
Asmani ProEURUSD2015010220191101M15300.19ResultsEA Infos
Asmani ProUSDCAD2015010220191101M15337.75ResultsEA Infos
EA SapphireEURUSD2016010420191101H1286.43ResultsEA Infos
EA SapphireUSDJPY04.01.201601.11.2019H1162.32ResultsEA Infos
Gap and TrailEURUSD2015010220191101H1259.49ResultsEA Infos
GenieEURUSD2010010120191029M15283.40ResultsEA Infos
PipesGainEURUSD2015010220191101M15110.02ResultsEA Infos
YellowEURUSD2015010220191029H1127.64ResultsEA Infos
YellowUSDJPY02.01.201529.10.2019H1114.11ResultsEA Infos